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Table 9 Barriers and solutions identified for maternal health care utilization by migrant women working in selected brick kilns in Faridabad, India

From: Maternal health care access among migrant women labourers in the selected brick kilns of district Faridabad, Haryana: mixed method study on equity and access

Barriers Solutions
Lack of income generating activities in the place of origin resulting in migration Rural employment Government must step up efforts such as NREGA to improve the livelihood of people; early payment of NREGA wages;
Low awareness IEC about the maternal health issues
Prolonged working hours in the brick kilns Prescribing minimum work time for the labourers working in unorganised sector
Unfamiliarity of local setting in the place of work Assistance from the brick kiln employers; IEC
Private providers capitalizing on the prevailing situation of migrant labourers preventing them from seeking basic public health care Sensitizing private providers about the need for migrant labourers to have access for universal health coverage; Regulation of unqualified private providers;
Absence of an existing channel thorough which public health care can be delivered to migrant labourers; Disruption in continuing maternal health care at the place of work Deployment of health providers such as ASHA; Migrant mobile health unit to help migrant labourers continue accessing public health system even at the place of work
Underutilization of emergency transport facility, JSY Awareness campaign regarding birth preparedness and complication readiness
Issues in availing benefits from the national insurance scheme Strengthening of RSBY to achieve universal health coverage
Public health system’s apathy in providing migrant specific health care Strategies targeting migrant labourers to be incorporated in the National health programmes such as NHM
  1. NREGA- National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme; IEC-Information Education and Communication; ASHA-Accredited Social Health Activist; JSY-Janani Suraksha Yojana; RSBY-Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana; NHM-National Health Mission