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Table 1 Policy domains and examples

From: How do macro-level structural determinants affect inequalities in mental health? – a systematic review of the literature

Policy domain Explanation and examples
1. Welfare state Typologies of welfare states, based on family policy, social policy or other dimensions.
2. Family policy Levels of benefits, changes in eligibility, coverage, public daycare, custody laws, parental leave.
3. Employment policy Minimum wage, flexibility, precariousness, tax-credits/subsidies, active labour market policies, employment protection legislation, anti-discrimination law, strength of unions.
4. Income support and social insurance Levels of benefits (including unemployment), changes in eligibility, coverage.
5. Area-based initiatives Affordable housing, availability, subsidies, regulations on eviction, quality of housing, neighbourhood renewal.
6. Education (at all levels) Affordability, access, developmental support.