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Table 8 Vertical equity indicators and potential resources to be reallocated in Tuscany

From: A turnaround strategy: improving equity in order to achieve quality of care and financial sustainability in Italy

LHA Vertical equity indicator Potential resources to be reallocated Potential resources to be reallocated
Absolute terms (€) Relative terms (%)
Hospitalization rate 2.86 2,144,422.22 65.22
30-day readmission 1.37 892,799.73 26.82
Cardiology visits 0.84 −24,431.08 − 25.68
Utilization of Beta-blocker 0.92 −15,810.72 −8.38
Utilization of ACE inhibitors and sartans 0.84 −46,706.89 −19.04
  1. Notes: The minus sign indicates additional resources for spending