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Table 1 The Change in History-Adjusted Balance between the Weighted and Unweighted Dataa

From: The roll-out of a health insurance program and its impact on the supply of healthcare services: a new method to evaluate time-varying continuous interventions

Variable   t-statistic of A t p>|t|
Doctors’ offices Unweighted 2.59 0.010
  Weighted 0.76 0.447
Staffed hospital beds Unweighted 0.03 0.975
  Weighted 0.41 0.679
Non-staffed hospital beds Unweighted 2.60 0.009
  Weighted 0.07 0.944
Physicians in day-to-day Unweighted 3.46 0.001
contact with patients Weighted 1.20 0.228
Physicians without day-to-day Unweighted -0.69 0.491
contact with patients Weighted 0.01 0.990
Nurses in day-to-day Unweighted 3.01 0.003
contact with patients Weighted 0.92 0.358
Nurses without day-to-day Unweighted -1.71 0.087
contact with patients Weighted -0.23 0.820
  1. Source: Own elaboration based on data from the National Health Information System (SINAIS) and the administrative records of Seguro Popular
  2. aThese estimates come from pooled regressions of the time-varying covariate at year t on SP coverage before year t and the change in SP coverage observed in year t