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Table 1 Characteristics of Primary Care Clinicians

From: Primary care clinicians’ perspectives about quality measurements in safety-net clinics and non-safety-net clinics

Characteristics Results
 Women: Men 9:5
 Average years (range) 54.85 years, (42–68)
Medical Discipline - N
 Family Medicine 11
 Nurse Practitioners 2
 Internal Medicine 1
Race/ Ethnicity - N
 European-American 10
 African-American 2
 Asian-American 1
 Latino-American 1
Work patterns in SNCs and NSCNs- N
 Moved from NSNC to 1 or more SNCs 5
 Moved from SNC to 1 or more NSNCs 5
 Moved from SNC to NSNC to SNC 2
 Moved back and forth between SNCs and NSNCs 1
  1. Abbreviations: SNCs Safety-net clinics, NSNCs Non-safety-net clinics