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Table 2 Sampling frame for focus droup discussions

From: Factors influencing performance by contracted non-state providers implementing a basic package of health services in Afghanistan

Institution Participant Number (n) Reason for Selection
MoPH Preventive Health Care (PHC) Officer 1 Is aware of all the contractual and service delivery programs in the province
HMIS Officer 1 Responsible for collection of data from all health facilities at the provincial level and relaying it to central HMIS in Kabul; collects all indicators of BPHS on a monthly basis
Reproductive Health Officer 1 Provides technical perspective on components of BPHS related to maternal and child health services
Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) Officer 1 EPI is the largest health program in the country; officers are experienced and familiar with NSP service provision
NSPs Deputy Project Manager 1 Oversees monitoring and evaluation of all programs under contract
Finance Manager 1 Manages inputs and financial mechanisms of NSPs; understands provider payment mechanisms
Community Supervisor 1 Provides views from community and frontline health workers