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Table 1 Smpling frame for in depth ke informent interviews (KIs)

From: Factors influencing performance by contracted non-state providers implementing a basic package of health services in Afghanistan

Institution Person(s) to be Interviewed Number (n) Reason for Selection
Central Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Deputy Minister of Policy and Planning 1 One of four people at MoPH who initiated the contract-out mechanism and continues to oversee the provision of health services by NSPs
General Director, Policy and Planning 1 Has essential information on contextual, contractual and institutional standards and variations
Head of Health Management Information System (HMIS) 1 HMIS manages self-reported data from the NSPs on a monthly basis; the department has been involved since the start of the BPHS
Head of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) 1 The department works with the third-party evaluator to develop and oversee the BSC
Head of Grant and Contract Management Unit (GCMU) 1 GCMU was created specifically for the purpose of facilitating the contracting process; manages procurement, contract management and compliance evaluation of the NSPs for implementation of BPHS
Provincial Liaison Director 1 Responsible for coordinating provincial-level activities; can provide detail on provinces
Provincial MoPH Provincial Health Directors 6 (one per province, six provinces) Provide key information about the context, type of contract and institutional factors for the respective provinces
Third Party Evaluator (Johns Hopkins University and Indian Institute for Health Management and Research) Evaluator 1 Assessed the performance of BPHS across the country from 2004 to 2013, applying BSC and conducting household surveys
Donors (USAID, WB, EU) Health team leaders 3 (3 main donors) Represent the interests and opinions of the three main donors supporting the CO program
Non-state providers (NSPs) NSP Managers, Kabul (national and international NGOs) 6 (one per province, six provinces) Understand the type of contract in their province; provide key information about contractual arrangements, context and institutional factors
Provincial NSP managers 6 (one per province, six provinces) Province-specific input to contextualize information and get field-level knowledge about each contracted NSP
Heads of health facilities 12 (two per province, six provinces) Views of frontline health workers on CO and the contractual, institutional and contextual variations