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Table 1 List of selected projects

From: Moving towards universal health coverage: engaging non-state providers

Country studied Title
Afghanistan A case study of the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in Afghanistan
Bangladesh Urban primary health care in Lower Middle-Income Countries - is contracting out the answer?
Bosnia-Herzegovina Engaging private health care providers in implementation of mandatory safety standards in the Republic of Srpska
Burkina Faso A public private partnership for health systems strengthening: a case study of scaling up community based management of malaria in Burkina Faso
Ghana Slow Systems Integration Towards Universal Health Coverage: Strengthening the relationship between faith-based non-profit providers and the Ghanaian state system
South Africa Case Study on the Role of General Practitioner Contracting in strengthening Health Systems towards Universal Health Coverage in South Africa
Tanzania Engaging non-state providers towards Universal Health Coverage: The impact of contracting-out on health services and health outcomes at the District Level in Tanzania
Uganda The Role of Government Subsidies to Non-Profit Health Providers in Extending Universal Health Coverage Goals in Uganda