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Table 1 KII participants at national and sub-national levels

From: Government resource contributions to the private-not-for-profit sector in Uganda: evolution, adaptations and implications for universal health coverage

Level Category Institutions or offices represented Number
National/central Government MoH, MoFPED, Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), and National Medical Stores (NMS) 8
PNFP UCMB Secretariat in Kampala, Diocesean health coordinator in Kampala and Joint Medical Stores (JMS), other PNFP bureaus particularly Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau(UPMB) and Uganda Moslem Medical Bureau(UMMB) 8
Development partners World Bank, Doctors with Africa (CUAMM), Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI) Foundation 6
Sub-national/ district Government District Health Officers (DHOs), Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), Local Council (District) councilors 5
PNFP Diocesan Health Coordinators 3
Facility Managers 9
Total interviews 39