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Table 2 Community action for maternal health project aims and activities

From: Can community action improve equity for maternal health and how does it do so? Research findings from Gujarat, India

Aim Specific Activities
1. Awareness of entitlements by pregnant women and community Focus group discussions and participatory methods with women's groups to elicit local understanding and preferences for safe delivery
Community wide meetings and group-specific meetings.
Pictorial banner for group discussions (toran) and individual poster for woman about entitlements (mahiti patrika)
2. Community monitoring of receipt and delivery of services Home visits with individual women at 8 months pregnancy and postpartum using healthy mother tool (warli madi tool)
Monitoring of outreach antenatal services at Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) (VHND tool)
Maternal death tracking to triangulate government tracking
3. Dialogue with stakeholders about gaps identified Development of report cards of Primary Health Centre (PHC) functioning
Support of community members during the Maternal Death Review process