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Table 5 Selection of sources screened for identifying indicators to measure government action on the social determinants of health, per the Rio Political Declaration

From: Towards a global monitoring system for implementing the Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health: developing a core set of indicators for government action on the social determinants of health to improve health equity

Organization/Institution/Data Steward Report or database title URL for website or PDF
 1. Center for Economic and Social Rights CESR Human Rights Policy Brief: The Measure of Progress: How Human Rights Should Inform the Sustainable Development Goals Indicators
 2. World Health Organization Measuring and monitoring intersectoral factors influencing equity in universal health coverage (UHC) and health Summary report of a meeting in Bellagio, 6 - 8 May 2014
 3. Indigenous Peoples Major Group Policy Brief on Sustainable Development Goals and post-2015 Development Agenda: A Working Draft
 4. Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Global State of Democracy Indices
 5. MACHEquity MACHEquity Data Center
 6. Pan American Health Organization (Draft Document) Plan of Action on Health in all Policies: Validation of Implementation Indicators, 2015
 7. Social Security Administration (United States) Social Security Programs Throughout the World
 8. United Nations Water Metadata on Suggested Indicators for Global Monitoring of SDG 6 on Water and Sanitation
 9. United Nations Compilation of Metadata Received on Indicators for Global Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets
 10. United Nations Environment Programme Environmental Data Explorer, Core Indicators
 11. United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistics Division Sustainable Development Goal Indicators
Official list of Sustainable Development Goal Indicators
 12. University of Gothenburg, Quality of Government Institute QoG Standard Database: Quality of Government, Civil Society/Population/Culture, Education, Energy and Infrastructure, Health, Labour Market, Political System, Welfare
 13. WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, World Health Organization 2014 Global Progress Reports on Implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
 14. World Bank Group Worldwide Governance Indicators
 15. World Bank Group Women, Business and the Law 2016: Getting to Equal
 16. World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2015
 17. World Health Organization Monitoring the Building Blocks of Health Systems: A Handbook of Indicators and Their Measurement Strategies, 2010
 18. World Health Organization, UN Water UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) 2014: Investing in Water and Sanitation: Increasing Access and Reducing Inequalities
 19. World Policy Analysis Center at the University of California Los Angeles WORLD’s Areas Public Use Data
 20. World Values Survey Online Data Analysis