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Table 2 Glossary of terms reflecting the components of the social determinants of health (SDH) action monitoring system and corresponding components of the Rio Political Declaration (from narrow to broad)

From: Towards a global monitoring system for implementing the Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health: developing a core set of indicators for government action on the social determinants of health to improve health equity

Component: SDH action monitoring system Corresponding component: Rio Political Declaration
Term Definition Term Definition
Domain Set of measurement concepts that are heuristically related to one another. Five domains are included in the monitoring system that correspond to the five Action Areas of the Rio Political Declaration. Action Area A set of related actions in the Rio Political Declaration aimed at enhancing or reorienting capacities of governments or inter-governmental organizations to address the SDH. A total of five (1 to 5) Action Areas of the Rio Political Declaration addresses SDH.
Measurement concept A defined, measurable aspect of an SDH intervention theme. Themes captured the intervention focus on a pledge or set of pledges, e.g., build social protection floors. A total of 23 measurement themes were proposed, which after debate and refinement, led to the proposal of a final list of 17 measurement concepts. Pledge An intended action on SDH belonging to one of five action areas pledged by United Nation Member States. Fifty pledges were included in the Rio Political Declaration. Pledges were enumerated by Roman numerals but several pledges could relate to a common SDH intervention theme.
SDH action indicator A valid, reliable gauge of the measurement concept that describes the action on SDH. Action on SDH (“SDH action”) A determinants-oriented, non-medical governance, policy, or programmatic intervention that improves health equity.