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Table 3 National, regional and district level key informants

From: Contracting-out primary health care services in Tanzania towards UHC: how policy processes and context influence policy design and implementation

  District level respondents Number of interviews
Ikungi Lushoto Iringa Kilwa
1 Council Health Management Team 3 3 4 3
2 The Council Health Services Board 1 1 1
3 Diocese Leaders (Bishops’ offices) 1 2 1 1
4 District Legal Officers 1 1
5 FBOs providers and administrators 2 2 2 2
6 Hospital financial officers 1 1
  Total District level interviewees 8 8 9 8
National and regional level respondents Role in the Service Agreement
1 Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender, Elderly and Children (former Ministry of Health & Social Welfare) -Formulates SA template (policy) and monitors the implementation of this policy
-Finances service agreement
2 President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government Formulates SA template and monitors the implementation of this policy 1
3 Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC)- Umbrella Organization for Christian faith-based organisations Provides technical support to health facilities under their umbrella that have entered into SA with the district councils 1
4 Development partners Provide technical and financial support in the development and implementation of the SA 1
5 Regional Health Management Team Provides technical back up to the district councils in the implementation of the SA 2
  Total interviewees 6