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Table 2 Punching Above Their Weight Research Network Purpose

From: Punching above their weight: a network to understand broader determinants of increasing life expectancy

1. Develop the capacity of members (by sharing knowledge and technical skills) to conduct research to understand why countries punch above or below their weight
2. Cement collaborative relations needed to undertake the research across country contexts
3. Develop research questions and specific hypothesis (based on theory and literature reviews) related to the complex interplay of political factors, governance regimes, civil society action, and specific policies (including the role of the health system) that contribute to the ability of a country/region to ‘punch above its weight’
4. Develop methodological frameworks to allow investigation of these questions including empirical work on the most appropriate way to identify a diverse sample of countries that have or are punching above their weight and appropriate ‘matched’ comparators.
5. Disseminate findings of research to international agencies, national and regional governments and civil society.