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Table 2 Strategies used in nutrition interventions conducted in Indigenous populations in the US: Formative research to inform design

From: Community involvement in design, implementation and evaluation of nutrition interventions to reduce chronic diseases in indigenous populations in the U.S.: a systematic review

  Story et al. [9]a Brown et al. [47]a Gittelsohn et al. [45]a Caballero et al. [55]a Hill et al. [17]b Bachar et al. [37]b Mendenhall et al. [42]b Buller et al. [43]b Gittelsohn et al. [53]b Weaver et al. [12]b Gellert et al. [48]b Sinclair et al. [54]b Murphy et al. [13]b Mau et al. [14]b Richards et al. [66]b Jiang et al. [67]b Karanja et al. [72]b Witmer et al. [74]b DeWeese et al. [75]b Driscoll et al. [76]b Rinderknecht et al. [16]b Thompson et al. [78]b Gilliland et al. [11]b Jernigan et al. [69]c Ritenbaugh et al. [10]
 Formative research to inform design
  Focus groups/ interviews with community members        
  Pilot testing of intervention in community                          
  Review of curriculum by community                          
  1. aRandomized controlled trial
  2. bPre-post study
  3. cPost test