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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Social disparities in patient safety in primary care: a systematic review

"Primary care OR Family Practice OR Family Medicine" [all fields] AND "Patient safety"a AND "Inequalit* OR inequit* OR disparit* OR Socioeconomic disparit* OR Socioeconomic difference* OR Socioeconomic status OR Socioeconomic factor* OR Socioeconomic level OR Social class OR Social position OR Social hierarchy OR Gender OR Ethnicity OR Educational achievement OR Educational attainment"
"Adverse events"a
"Adverse effects"a
"Safety management"a
"Medication error"b
"Administrative errors"c
"Organizational errors"c
"Diagnostic errors"d
"Missed diagnosis"d
"Medical error"d
"Transitional care"e
  1. asearch terms for patient safety
  2. bsearch terms for medication errors
  3. csearch terms for administrative errors
  4. dsearch terms for diagnostic errors
  5. esearch terms for transition of care errors