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Table 4 Changes in the content of the contract

From: Contracting-out urban primary health care in Bangladesh: a qualitative exploration of implementation processes and experience

Content Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Services ESP
Reproductive health care, Child health care
Communicable Disease Control
Limited Curative Care
All national initiatives (e.g. national immunization days, Vitamin A Capsule Distribution, etc.) of the MoH will be supported by the Partnership Agreement
Reproductive health care including assistance for women survivors of violence
Child health care;
Control of communicable disease (tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever);
Limited curative care and first aid for emergency medical care and the treatment of minor infections, BCC, HIV/AIDS, VCT, RTI/STI
Basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care (EOC) facilities, delivering an ESD+ package (including intensive supply of FP logistics, supplementary nutritional support), MCH, adolescent RH care, FP
Health promotion and social empowerment activities will be supported through community health worker
Salary structure Not documented Gratuity and provident fund along with salary and festive bonus Only gratuity, No additional benefit
Capacity development of medical officers 1 year full time residential training on EOC & anesthesia Excluded
Bid security Bank ID only Bid security money of BDT 2,500,000 Bid security, as stipulated in the bidding documenta
Guarantee Individual performance guarantee Bank guarantee 10% of contracted budget Bank guarantee 10% of contracted budget
Mobilization advance (start up fund)- 10% of contracted budget Deducted partially over several months Deducted partially with quarterly bills from the first quarter Deducted at a rate of 16.67%, in the final year and a half of the project
  1. aVaried by partnership areas
  2. Source: [25, 36, 38, 62]