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Table 4 Sexual orientation/gender Identity of LGBTQ health care providers

From: Improving pathways to primary health care among LGBTQ populations and health care providers: key findings from Nova Scotia, Canada

Sexual orientationa Percent
 Gay 32.1
 Lesbian 41.1
 Bisexual 12.5
 Queer 32.1
 Questioning 3.6
 Heterosexual 1.8
 Other options (“inclusive”) 1.8
Gender identity/expression  
 Cisgender female 37.5
 Cisgender male 23.2
 Transgender/transsexual female to male 5.4
 Genderqueer/non binary (or otherwise gender variant) 10.7
 Not to disclose 8.9
 Other optionsb 10.7
 Not indicated 3.6
  1. Sexual orientation of health care providers who identify as LGBTQ
  2. asum does not add up to 100% because respondents were allowed to select all that apply
  3. bmostly “woman”, “female” and “male” (which suggests that some participants did not know the meaning of the term cisgender)