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Table 1 Demographics

From: Improving pathways to primary health care among LGBTQ populations and health care providers: key findings from Nova Scotia, Canada

Variables Percent
Sexual orientationa
 Gay 27.2
 Lesbian 25.8
 Bisexual 30.0
 Queer 38.5
 Questioning 3.5
 Heterosexual 2.8
 Other options (mostly pansexual and asexual) 13.8
Gender identity/expression
 Cisgender female 40.3
 Cisgender male 13.3
 Transgender/transsexual male to female 5.3
 Transgender/transsexual female to male 9.9
 Two spirit 3.2
 Genderqueer/non binary (or otherwise gender variant) 18.7
 Other options (mostly gender fluid or intergender) 9.3
 Full-time position 41.3
 Part-time position 16.3
 Unemployed 12.7
 Full-time student 32.5
Religion or faith
 Raised in Christianity 55.8
 Raised in other faiths 10.6
 Not raised in any religious beliefs 33.6
Self reported ethnicity
 White 88.0
 Mixed heritage 5.3
 Aboriginal 1.8
 Black 1.1
 Asian 0.4
 Not indicated 0.4
  1. LGBTQ sample description
  2. aSum do not come up to 100% because respondents were allowed to select all that apply