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Table 2 Data collection summary

From: The health system accountability impact of prison health committees in Zambia

Study population Activity Inclusion criteriaa Number of respondents
ZCS Headquarters IDI Employed by/seconded to ZCS 7
MOH / MCDMCH / MHA Officials IDI Currently employed by MOH, MCDMCH or MHA
Involved with Zambian prison health services
NGO other community stakeholders IDI Current NGO or community member involved with prison health services 2
Facility Officers in Charge IDI Current appointment as the officer in charge (or acting) in a Correctional facilityb 3 female
4 male
Appointed PrHC members FGD Appointed members of PrHC
Able to provide informed consent
8 FGDs (Totalling 21 Females 51 Males)
Non-PrHC inmates FGD Inmate non-member of PrHC
Able to provide informed consent
8 FGDs (Totalling 23 Female 46 Males)
  1. aExclusion criteria for all categories were a respondent < 18 years’ old and/or a known history of mental illness
  2. bOfficer in Charge for Facilities 5 and 6 – adjoining male and female prisons – was the same person