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Table 2 Data collection summary

From: The health system accountability impact of prison health committees in Zambia

Study population Activity Inclusion criteriaa Number of respondents
ZCS Headquarters IDI Employed by/seconded to ZCS 7
MOH / MCDMCH / MHA Officials IDI Currently employed by MOH, MCDMCH or MHA Involved with Zambian prison health services 3
NGO other community stakeholders IDI Current NGO or community member involved with prison health services 2
Facility Officers in Charge IDI Current appointment as the officer in charge (or acting) in a Correctional facilityb 3 female 4 male
Appointed PrHC members FGD Appointed members of PrHC Able to provide informed consent 8 FGDs (Totalling 21 Females 51 Males)
Non-PrHC inmates FGD Inmate non-member of PrHC Able to provide informed consent 8 FGDs (Totalling 23 Female 46 Males)
  1. aExclusion criteria for all categories were a respondent < 18 years’ old and/or a known history of mental illness
  2. bOfficer in Charge for Facilities 5 and 6 – adjoining male and female prisons – was the same person