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Table 2 Summary of data collected

From: The unintended consequences of combining equity measures with performance-based financing in Burkina Faso

Non-participant observation
 Sessions reported in field notes 241
 At facility level
  Healthcare providers 15
  Other support staff (drug depot manager, janitor, security guard) 13
  Volunteers & trainees 7
  Community leaders (e.g., COGES, selection committees & community health workers) 23
  Service users (e.g. patients, indigents) 18
 At district level
  Administrative staff (e.g. manager, accountant, data collection agent/photographer) 4
  Members of contractualization and verification agency 4
  Members of local association conducting community verifications 7
 At national level
  Representative from the Programme d’appui au développement en santé (PADS – program to support health development) 1
  Representative from the Service techniquefinancement basé sur les résultats (ST-FBR – results-based financing – technical service) 1
Total semi-structured interviews 93