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Table 2 Domains of barriers and enablers to accessing fistula care services in Nigeria and Uganda

From: “Poverty is the big thing”: exploring financial, transportation, and opportunity costs associated with fistula management and repair in Nigeria and Uganda

Domain Barrier sub-themes Enabling sub-themes
Financial Generalized poverty Funding for the fistula care centers
Cost of care at home Pooled community funds
Medical and non-medical out of pocket hospital costs Vocational training or work support
Cost for repeated medical intervention Counseling for healing
Unofficial fees at hospitals  
Transportation Transportation cost Transportation refunds—voucher
Distance, unavailability of transportation, and prolonged travel Family or community-facilitated transportation
Stigmatizing behaviors in public transportation Outreach vans/taxis/ambulances
Counseled drivers
Income loss or opportunity cost Away from small business (i.e. lost hours and productivity) Financial support from government or family
Away from home and children Vocational training or work support