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Table 5 Items used to construct household wealth status score

From: Who benefits from increased service utilisation? Examining the distributional effects of payment for performance in Tanzania

No. Variable description
1. Asset: electricity
2. Asset: working radio
3. Asset: working television (TV)
4. Asset: working DVD
5. Asset: working mobile phone
6. Asset: working landline phone
7. Asset: working iron
8. Asset: working refrigerator
9. Asset: working wall watch
10. Asset: sewing machine
11. Asset: table
12. Asset: sofa coach
13. Asset: cupboard
14. Asset: motorcycle
15. Asset: car
16. Household member with a bank account
17. Number of sleeping rooms
18. Source of drinking water: piped water
19. Source of drinking water: borehole/ covered well
20. Source of drinking water: open well
21. Source of drinking water: spring water
22. Source of drinking water: river/ dam/pond/lake
23. Toilet type: flush toilet
24. Toilet type: pit latrine
25. Toilet type: no/ other toilet
26. Source of cooking energy: electricity
27. Source of cooking energy: kerosene/paraffin
28. Source of cooking energy: charcoal
29. Source of cooking energy: firewood
30. Source of light: electricity
31. Source of light: solar
32. Source of light: kerosene/ paraffin
33. Source of light: candle/ firewood
34. Source of light: torch or other source
35. Floor material: sand/earth/dung
36. Floor material: cement
37. Floor material: other
38. Wall material: grass/poles/mud wall
39. Wall material: bamboo with mud wall
40. Wall material: sundried/ burnt bricks
41. Wall material: cement blocks
42. Wall material: stones with mud