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Table 3 Description of the questionnaire

From: From denial to awareness: a conceptual model for obtaining equity in healthcare

Description of two hypothetical persons, e.g. Isa, 25 years old and born in Sweden, and Urgesa, 45 years old and born outside Europe. For each person the following questions are asked:
How likely is it that s/he:
1. Has called SHD 1177?
2. Is recommended a doctor’s appointment when calling 1177?
3. Has high quality of life?
4. Has power over his/her own life?
5. Is living alone?
6. Has addiction problems?
7. Is working?
8. Has experienced discrimination?
9. Has been on long sick leave?
10. Have you answered in the same way for the two hypothetical persons? (Yes or no)
11. If no: On what question/s did your answers differ for the two hypothetical persons?
12. Please, try to give a short explanation to why your answers differed.
13. Free text comments.