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Table 1 The definition of abortion, delivery, and obstetric complications

From: Socioeconomic status can affect pregnancy outcomes and complications, even with a universal healthcare system

Variables ICD-10 code
(1) Abortion O00-O08 (O00-O089)
(2) Delivery
 2-1) Cesarean section O82 (O820-O829), O842
 2-2) Vaginal delivery O80 (O800-O809), O81 (O810-O815),
O83 (O830-O839), O840, O841
(3) Obstetric complications
 3-1) Preeclampsia O14 (O140-O149)
 3-2) Eclampsia O15 (O150-O159)
 3-3) Gestational hypertension O13
 3-4) Gestational diabetes mellitus O244
 3-5) Placenta previa O44 (O440-O441)
 3-6) Abruptio placentae O45 (O450-O459)
 3-7) Obstructed labor O64-O66 (O640-O669)
 3-8) Preterm delivery O601
 3-9) Acute pyelonephritis O23 (O230-O239), N10, N12, N159
 3-10) Perineal laceration O702, O703
 3-11) Obstetric hemorrhage O67 (O670-O679), O72 (O720-O723)