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Table 1 Number of articles identified for each of the themes and subthemes of the review

From: The scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the United States: a literature review

Theme Subtheme Number of articles
Increasing healthcare access Facilitating healthcare for minorities 12
Geographical and logistical convenience 9
Trusting provider-client relationships 6
Emergency coverage 2
Improving health outcomes Screenings 11
Initiating preventative care 6
Managing chronic diseases 3
Enabling self-efficacy 7
Addressing social determinants of health   6
Advancing population health   3
Reducing healthcare costs Avoidable emergency department visits 3
Hospitalization and hospital readmission rates 1
Symptom-free days 1
Quality-adjusted life years 3
Mobile clinics and the healthcare reform Private insurers 1
Accountable care organizations 1
Non-profit hospitals 1
Limitations of mobile health clinics Fragmentation of care 7
Financial issues 3
Spatial and structural constraints 4
Logistical challenges 1
Total   51