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Fig. 1

From: Who and where are the uncounted children? Inequalities in birth certificate coverage among children under five years in 94 countries using nationally representative household surveys

Fig. 1

Mean national values of birth certificate and registration coverage among children under five by UNICEF region and World Bank income group. Notes: - Data presented is unweighted. - Estimates for UNICEF regions includes a total of 94 countries; 15 countries from CEE & CIS; 8 countries from. East Asia & Pacific; 17 countries from Eastern & Southern Africa; 15 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean; 10 countries from Middle East & North Africa; 7 countries from South Asia; 22 countries from West & Central Africa. - Estimates for World Bank income group are based on income group at the time of the survey and include a total of 89 countries; 32 low-income countries, 40 lower-middle income countries and 17 upper-middle income countries. Five countries were not included in income group estimates: these included three high income countries (Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay) and two countries which did not have an income group classification at the time of the survey (South Sudan and State of Palestine)

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