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Table 3 Participants in interviews and focus groups by programme

From: Interventions to reduce inequalities in health and early child development in Europe from a qualitative perspective

Intervention Focus groups Individual interviews
Toybox - One focus group with 10 staff - Ten individual interviews with carers
Netzwerk Familie - One focus group with 11 cooperation partners
- One group interview with 4 parents
- Two interviews with the heads of Netzwerk Familie at their premises
- One interview with the head of child and youth welfare
- One interview with the chairman of a paediatrics association
Sure Start Hungary - Two focus groups with 8 mothers each - One interview with a Sure Start expert
- One interview with a programme manager
Universal health visitor programme Hungary NA - One interview with a health visitor from a rural area
- One interview with a health visitor from an urban area
- One interview with a supervisor
Theotokos centre - One focus group with four mothers attending the centre - Four individual interviews with women who had attended the centre
- Two individual interviews with staff working at the centre