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Table 1 Domains and sub-domains represented in the Interplay survey

From: Interplay wellbeing framework: a collaborative methodology ‘bringing together stories and numbers’ to quantify Aboriginal cultural values in remote Australia

Domains Sub-domains
Culture Language, country, law, ceremony, family, importance of culture, practicing culture, culture in school
Community Leadership, safety, connectedness, trust and respect, services
Empowerment Inclusiveness, mobility, resilience, self-efficacy, identity, agency, hope
Education Achievements/outcomes, English literacy and numeracy, focus, motivations, barriers, pathways to work
Work Paid job, volunteer work, cultural and family work, pathways from education, culture at work, motivations, barriers, work life balance, value/meaning in work
Health Nutrition, food security, exercise, substance use, anxiety, depression, medical conditions, physical health, dental health, health services, barriers
Wellbeing Now, past, future