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Table 3 Thematic Analysis Framework

From: The imperative for systems thinking to promote access to medicines, efficient delivery, and cost-effectiveness when implementing health financing reforms: a qualitative study

Codes Emerging Themes Global Themes
Government alone cannot meet all the healthcare needs Partnership between sectors essential to promote access to medicines and other essential health technologies across the population Promoting access to medicines vital for progress towards universal health coverage
There are inequalities particularly given the rural population is underserved  
Increased insurance coverage in rural areas will attract private sector participation  
Increased insurance coverage leads to better access and use of services Health insurance coverage vital to mobilize resources to promote access towards universal health coverage  
Private sector providers could play an important role in advancing access  
Public health facilities often experience stock outs of essential medicines  
Capacity to pay will translate to increasing demand for medicines  
Availability and affordability of some of the essential medicines remains a challenge   
There is a gap in access and quality between private and public sectors particularly in terms of access to health technologies There are inequalities within the health system  
Health insurance could lead to wastage if not properly regulated If not properly regulated expansion of health insurance coverage could lead to wastage Efficiency and cost effectiveness in resource utilization vital for universal health coverage
Health insurance market fragmented leading to high costs  
Better pooling and purchasing could improve access and outcomes Effective pool and strategic purchasing essential for universal health coverage  
Effective and progressive policies and regulation needed to performance of health systems and improve health  
Differential health insurance coverage particularly among employed and unemployed could exacerbate equalities There is need for effective monitoring and accountability systems in place  
Accountability essential to ensure progress