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Table 1 Description of the sample (N = 37)

From: Critical race theory as a tool for understanding poor engagement along the HIV care continuum among African American/Black and Hispanic persons living with HIV in the United States: a qualitative exploration

  Mean (SD) or %
Socio-demographic characteristics
 Age in years 48.69 (9.37)
 Male sex 59.46
  If male, gay, bisexual, non-heterosexual identity 59.10
 African-American/Black, Not Hispanic 78.38
 Latino/Hispanic 21.62
 Low socioeconomic status 97.30
Other background characteristics
 Ran out of funds for basic necessities in past year 78.48
 Ever homeless 64.92
 Current housing instability 18.91
 High-school degree or higher 56.81
Health indicators
 Health self-rating “good” or better 72.97
 Receives Medicaid (public health insurance for low-income populations) 62.23
 Years since HIV diagnosis 13.88 (8.12)
 Health care provider recommended ART (lifetime) 100.00
 Has taken ART in the past 54.05
 Number of times started/stopped ART 5.17 (5.44)
 Had an established HIV care provider over the past year (from the Medical Record) 83.78
 Receives care in hospital-based HIV clinic 77.78
 Average CD4 in the year before Baseline (Medical Record) 291.88 (144.15)
 Average log10 viral load in the year before Baseline (Medical Record) 3.08 (1.36)
 Depression screener at a clinically significant level 50.00