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Table 2 Typology of social justice strategies

From: Advancing system and policy changes for social and racial justice: comparing a Rural and Urban Community-Based Participatory Research Partnership in the U.S.

  Identity/Recognition Procedural Justice Distributive Justice Structural Justice
Context and History Injustices that are cultural and are presumably rooted in cultural and social identity domination, non-recognition, and disrespect. The right to equality in decision-making processes. The right to equal treatment and equal access to the same distribution of goods and opportunities as anyone else has or is given. Redistribution of resources in order to address groups’ disadvantages and oppression and to promote equity.
Bronx Health REACH - City experienced economic and racially charged crisis in the 1960’s- 70’s.
- Poor access to healthy food in the community.
- Segregation Practices in Health Care delivery.
- Civil rights activism.
- Faith-based social movement.
- Representation of communities of color in decision-making/policy bodies.
- Faith-based community organizing.
- Provision of fresh fruit and vegetables in all stores, regardless of neighborhood.
- Equal access to healthcare regardless of insurance status.
- End Medical Apartheid/Segregated Care.
- #Not62 Campaign.
Men on the Move - Historic rural segregation.
- Poor access to healthy food in the community.
- Economic depredation.
- Reclaim community gardens/agriculture from slave legacy.
- Redefining African American men’s role in the community.
- Representation of communities of color in decision-making/policy bodies.
- Challenge race and power structures through vertical alliances with political elites and developers to address economic inequities.
- Increased access to healthy foods in local stores, farmers markets, and through community and production gardens.
- Incremental reforms to increase job opportunities for African American businesses.
- Fair wage policies.
- Land and water rights.