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Table 1 Development history of CHWs in rural China

From: Development of village doctors in China: financial compensation and health system support

Year Events of CHW development in rural China
1951 China started in 1951 to train rural health workers with different titles (health aides, maternal and child health aides, and nursing aides).
1965 Chairman Mao urged more health resources should be allocated towards rural areas.
1968 The barefoot doctor program was introduced by the journal Red Flag as a national policy.
1976 First national conference on barefoot doctors for different provinces to share their experiences.
1979 MoH and other 4 ministries jointly issued Charters of the Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme, with specific requirement for barefoot doctors.
1981 State Council policy on compensation of barefoot doctors.
1985 MoH replaced the title of barefoot doctor with “village doctor”.
1991 State Council policy on PHC, village doctors played significant role.
1997 CCCPC and State Council health reform plan regulated the income level of village doctors should be no less than that of village officers.
2003 State Council issued its first and only law pertaining to village doctors to formalize its agenda to encourage greater development of village doctors in rural China.