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Table 5 Priorities for action across the participant groups

From: Exploring levers and barriers to accessing primary care for marginalised groups and identifying their priorities for primary care provision: a participatory learning and action research study

Priority Issue Identified by Specific solutions suggested to address the priority
Home • Travellers
• Homeless & Sex workers
• Need satisfactory accommodation for any effective primary care engagement to happen
• Supports afforded by stable accommodation needed to continue
Two-tier system • Young mothers
• Migrants
• Need for flexibility around eligibility and referral criteria for primary care services
• Increased availability of information on entitlements and ways to engage with primary care
Healthcare encounters • Migrants
• Travellers
• Migrants & Drug users
• All groups
• Better communication in primary care, including availability of trained interpreters
• Better communication in primary care; awareness of general literacy and health literacy of patients
• Educating professionals on communication skills and empathy
• Understanding adversity faced by patients
• Show more empathy with the patient
Complex health needs • Young mothers
• Travellers
• All groups
• Improved knowledge of and availability of community mental health services
• Promotion of tolerance and awareness of prejudice
• Supports to access primary care including engaging peer advocates or key workers; modelled on the Traveller group advocacy role