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Table 5 Organizational impacts of initial role placement

From: Swimming against the tide: A Canadian qualitative study examining the implementation of a province-wide public health initiative to address health equity

Initial SDH PHN role placement Early organizational impacts of role placement
Assigned to cross-organizational positions • worked closely with senior leadership • SDH-PHNs were offered an open-door policy and open communication with senior leadership • worked across organizational departments providing capacity building and technical assistance for other staff • easily connected with other staff also working on heath equity • were perceived as SDH/health equity leaders • experienced a planned organizational approach with clear aim and design to build internal capacity • experienced backlash from colleagues – varied levels of support
Assigned to specific front-line programs • were assigned solely to specific departments • worked within programs or with specific population groups • had less explicit influence on organizational change • experienced SDH/health equity related activities that were more siloed within the organization • tension with time commitments to program delivery and health equity agenda • often difficulty connecting with other SDH-PHN in unit • often difficulty connecting with others working on health equity in agenda • did not experience backlash from colleagues – was not seeking organization-wide support