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Table 2 Routes applying in the Intervention and Control groups at the facility level

From: Measuring and understanding the effects of a performance based financing scheme applied to nutrition services in Burundi—a mixed method impact evaluation design

  Intervention group Control group
(1) Income ++ ++ a
(2) Cash ++ ++ a
(3) Incentive ++ on nutrition services
? on other services
(4) Information ++ + b
(5) Supervision & enforcement ++ ? c
(6) Culture at provider level ~ or + ~ or + d
(7) Health system ++ ? e
  1. Notes: Symbols + and ++ mean that routes apply moderately to strongly; ? means unclear, ~ means neutral aThe control HCs will get additional financial resources which will correspond to a weighted average of the nutrition subsidies received in the intervention group. bBefore the start of the intervention, all 90 HCs were provided with some information on the nutrition indicators and on their performance in nutrition services. cIn a district where there are control and intervention HCs, the district team supervisors may transfer good practices to both intervention and control HCs. dControl HCs know that there will probably be a scale up of the nutrition indicators to all HCs after the pilot; some managers may anticipate this by already reorganizing their nutrition services. eSome health system effects might affect control HCs (e.g. if there is a problem of availability of nutritional inputs at national level, because of the pressure by intervention HCs, the supply to control HCs may be reduced)