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Table 1 Quantitative indicators

From: Measuring and understanding the effects of a performance based financing scheme applied to nutrition services in Burundi—a mixed method impact evaluation design

Community level (1) screening and referring of acute malnutrition cases to HCs,
(2) organizing classes promoting good food and nutrition behaviours, and
(3) organizing cooking practice classes.
Health centre level (1) screening and caring severe and moderate acute malnutrition cases of children below five years old,
or screening and referring acute malnutrition cases of children below five years old (depending on the type of HCa), and
(2) growth follow-up and promotion for children below two years old.
Hospital level (1) the number of treated severe acute malnutrition cases with medical complications of children below five years old and
(2) the length of the stay at the hospital.
  1. Note: aMost of HCs do not provide care services for acute malnutrition cases and do have to refer cases to HCs that provide this type of care