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Table 1 Scoping review search strategy

From: The utility of resilience as a conceptual framework for understanding and measuring LGBTQ health

Search terms Concept 1: LGBTQ identity Concept 2: Health Concept 3: Measurement
  Two spirit, LGB*, Lesbian*, Gay*, Transgender*, Transsexual*, homosexual, intersex*, gender minorit*, Queer*, Genderqueer, Gender varian*, Trans gender*, Trans sexual*, sexual minorit* Resilienc*, Protective factor*, Health promot*, Health protect*, Life course*, Harm reduction, Health predict*, Social determinants of health, health disparities, Health status Data collection, Survey*, Model*, Framework*, Measure*, Tool*, Assess*, Epidemiology, Module, Evaluat*
Databases PubMED; CINAHL; PsychINFO; Gender Studies Database; History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Inclusion Published in English; Peer-reviewed; Academic journal; Primary study; study conducted in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada; Strengths-based/health promotion perspective
Exclusion Published in language other than English; Non Peer-reviewed; Book, dissertation, conference abstract etc.; Not a primary study; Study conducted in country other than US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada; deficit/risk-focused perspective
Time Frame The scoping review was conducted in October 2014. All included results were published before then. We did not limit our search using a start year.