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Table 5 Factors associated with levels of psychological distress among MSM in multivariable logistic regression model

From: Mental health among men who have sex with men in Cambodia: Implications for integration of mental health services within HIV programmes

Variables in the final modela Total score of GHQ-12 (≤3 vs. >3)
AOR (95 % CI) p-value
 Battambang Reference  
 Siem Reap 2.16 (1.14–4.09) 0.02
Age 1.09 (1.03–1.14) 0.001
Self-rated quality of life
 Good/very good Reference  
 Neither good nor poor 0.84 (0.50–1.41) 0.51
 Poor/very poor 7.45 (1.79–3.04) 0.006
Had drunk at least a full glass of alcohol
 No Reference  
 Yes 3.3 (1.36–7.83) 0.008
Used any kinds of illicit drugs
 No Reference  
 Yes 3.53 (1.12–11.18) 0.03
Condom use at last sexual intercourse
 No Reference  
 Yes 0.40 (0.21–0.73) 0.003
Family member said hurtful or insulting things to
 No Reference  
 Yes 1.80 (1.10–2.97) 0.02
Parent or guardian had been physically abused
 No Reference  
 Yes 3.51 (1.86–6.62) <0.001
Family member had been depressed/mentally ill
 No Reference  
 Yes 4.01 (2.06–7.81) <0.001
  1. AOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval, MSM men who have sex with men
  2. aVariables associated with psychological distress in bivariate analyses at a level of p < 0.2 were simultaneously included in the model, and then variables with a p-value ≥0.05 were removed for model fitting, and the steps were repeated until all p-values of the remaining variables were <0.05