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Table 2 Extra waiting time to CE in days from date of decision to treat to date of surgery. (Linear regression)

From: Inequity in waiting for cataract surgery - an analysis of data from the Swedish National Cataract Register

Variable Extra waiting days Pr [t]
 Women compared to men 3. 73 <.0001
 Per year of age 0.40 <.0001
Visual acuity   
 Best visual acuity compared to poorest visual acuitya 12.07 <.0001
Total annual income   
 10-power less income 2.90 <.0001
 No university education 1.28 0.0031
Native country;   
Patients not born in any Nordic country   
 Patient born outside Europe 5.59 <.0001
 Patient born in Europe 1.92 0.0242
 Patient is retired instead of employed. 4.84 <.0001
  1. a Poorest visual acuity: LogMAR 1, best visual acuity LogMAR 0