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Fig. 1

From: Inequalities in medicine use in Central Eastern Europe: an empirical investigation of socioeconomic determinants in eight countries

Fig. 1

Socioeconomic determinants of non-prescribed medicine use (versus no medicine use). Note: Graphical illustration of the full results [see Additional file 2] regarding non-prescribed medicine use for socioeconomic indicators; RRR = multivariate relative risk ratio, CI = 95 % confidence interval, grey line: not significant, red line: *** = significant at 0.01 %, ** = significant at 0.1 %, * = significant at 5 %. Results based on less than 20 observations: tightly dashed line and exact numbers omitted; results based on 20-49 observations: widely dashed line and exact numbers in italics. Source: Data provided by Eurostat [43]; calculation and presentation by the authors

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