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Table 5 Confirmatory factor analysis knowledge – racial identity

From: Development and validation of the Australian Aboriginal racial identity and self-esteem survey for 8–12 year old children (IRISE_C)

Knowledge – racial identity Item loadingsa λx Model characteristics
Q5. How much do you like playing with Aboriginal kids? 0.72 N = 200
df = 20
Q9. How much do you like being Aboriginal? 0.80 χ 2 = 34.64
Q11. How much are you the same as other Aboriginal kids? 0.57 SRMR = 0.0598
NNFI = 0.987
Q15. How much do Aboriginal kids make you feel part of their group at school? 0.68 Acceptable
Q23. How much do you like Aboriginal people as friends? 0.71
Q28. How much are you proud of being Aboriginal? 0.91
Q30. How much do Aboriginal kids help each other? 0.66
Q33. How much do you like the Aboriginal flag? 0.82
  1. aPartial regression coefficients of the item on the underlying construct