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Table 4 Confirmatory factor analysis knowledge – Aboriginal culture

From: Development and validation of the Australian Aboriginal racial identity and self-esteem survey for 8–12 year old children (IRISE_C)

Knowledge – Aboriginal culture Item loadingsa λx Model characteristics
Q1. How much do you know about how Aboriginal people lived in the old days? 0.57 N = 195b
df = 27c
Q3. How much do you know about Aboriginal Week activities? 0.51 χ 2 = 27.15d
Q7. How much have you learned to make Aboriginal foods like damper? 0.74 SRMRe = 0.0434
NNFIf = 1.00
Q13. How much do you know about Aboriginal stories of the Dreaming (Dreamtime)? 0.65 Good
Q17. How much do you talk Aboriginal words? 0.67
Q19. How much does your family tell you about being Aboriginal? 0.69
Q35. How much do you go bush with your family? 0.67
Q37. How much have you eaten Aboriginal foods, like kangaroo? 0.79
Q39. How much do you know about the dances Aboriginal people did in the old days? 0.81
  1. a. Partial regression coefficients of the item on the underlying construct
  2. bN = Analytic sample size
  3. cdf = Degrees of freedom
  4. d χ2 = Chi square
  5. eSRMR = Standardized Root Mean Residual
  6. fNNFI = Non-Normed Fit Index