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Table 3 Perceived impact of loss of OPI

From: Shrinking the language accessibility gap: a mixed methods evaluation of telephone interpretation services in a large, diverse urban health care system

If the OP services were cut, what would be the impact to your organization? % of providers (n = 127)
Increased difficulty for staff to engage patients 81
Decreased quality of care 74
Decreased efficiency of care (time) 71
Decreased use of phone interpretation 68
Patient access to care would be compromised 64
Increased financial cost to offer interpretation 60
Impact on reputation of organization (organization would no longer be seen as accessible to non-English speaking patients) 44
What would you do if the OPI services are not offered anymore by the organization where you received it? % of Patients (n = 41)
Ask a friend/family member to help me with interpretation 49
Find a health care provider who speaks my language 32
Stop going to the organization and find another one that offers interpretation 20
Try to understand what providers say without the help of interpreters 17
Don’t know 17