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Table 2 Effects of OPI on health care quality and patient engagement: perspectives of providers and patients

From: Shrinking the language accessibility gap: a mixed methods evaluation of telephone interpretation services in a large, diverse urban health care system

(5-point likert scale responses: significantly decreased, decreased, neither increased or decreased, increased, significantly increased)
  Providers (n = 127)* Patients (n = 41)
How has the use of the OPI affected the following aspects of health care provision for patients who used the program? Percent reporting “Improved” or “Significantly Improved”  
Overall quality  
Overall quality of care 84 85
Patient engagement with Providers/Care  
Patient’s comfort level 72 72
Relationship between provider and patient 71 68
The disclosure of patients 68 72
Patient’s privacy 67 51
Patient autonomy 78 -
Patient engagement 78 -
Patient access to you organization 73 -
Understanding of information given during appointment - 87
Likelihood to ask questions during the visit - 84
Likelihood to recommend the health care organization to other friends and family who speak the same language - 82
Ability to schedule follow-up or future appointments on time - 75
Ability to follow health care provider’s instructions - 74
  1. *Percentages are based on valid responses only, which ranged from 120–127