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Table 3 Erreygers’ corrected concentration indices (CCI) for disease prevalence, treatment uptake and horizontal inequity index (I) for the use of integrated community case management

From: Impact of an integrated community case management programme on uptake of appropriate diarrhoea and pneumonia treatments in Uganda: A propensity score matching and equity analysis study

Variable CCI 2009 Standard error (I) CCI 2012 Standard error (I)
‘Fast breathing’ pneumonia prevalence 0.027 0.033   0.077a 0.033 n/a
Overall antibiotic treatment 0.152 0.092 n/a −0.070 0.083 n/a
Use of iCCM for ‘fast breathing’ pneumonia n/a n/a n/a −0.099a 0.073 −0.099
Diarrhoea prevalence 0.044a 0.039   −0.007 0.026 n/a
Overall ORS treatment 0.151a 0.148 0.151 0.199a 0.118 n/a
Use of iCCM for diarrhoea n/a n/a n/a −0.073 0.085 −0.012
ORS & zincb n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
  1. aSignificant value within 95 % confidence intervals
  2. bExcluded because of insufficient sample size