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Table 2 Cronbach’s α coefficients and Multi-dimensional Spearman correlation coefficients

From: Quality of life of young clinical doctors in public hospitals in China’s developed cities as measured by the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP)

Domains Items Cronbach’s α if domain is deleted Physical mobility Energy Pain Sleep Social isolation Emotional reactions
Physical mobility 8 0.648 1.000      
Energy 3 0.540 0.542a. 1.000     
Pain 8 0.610 0.476a. 0.441a. 1.000    
Sleep 5 0.564 0.447a. 0.352a. 0.393a. 1.000   
Social isolation 5 0.528 0.517a. 0.404a. 0.442a. 0.522a. 1.000  
Emotional reactions 9 0.670 0.590a. 0.548a. 0.571a. 0.495a. 0.539a. 1.000
  1. a. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)