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Table 1 Comparisons between county hospital, town/township hospital and village clinic

From: Spatial inequity in access to healthcare facilities at a county level in a developing country: a case study of Deqing County, Zhejiang, China

Indicator County hospital Town hospital Village clinic
Categorya More at class 2 and few at class 1 Class 3 Not classified
Number of qualified doctors >100 40-80 1-2(temporally working doctor allocated by a town hospital)
Number of registered nurses >100 5-20 0
Number of beds >200 10-30 0
Equipment A full set including very expensive one for diagnosis and treatment No large-size or advanced equipment No basic ones, only by experiences
Operation A majority of operations Only easy-use and low-cost equipment Not
Deqing County 3 19 135
  1. aHospitals in China are classified into three categories (1-highest, 2-middle and 3-lowest) according to national standard of hospital classification of 1989