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Table 1 ICD Codes (for the 9th and 10th Revision) of the causes of death considered in the study

From: Mortality, material deprivation and urbanization: exploring the social patterns of a metropolitan area

Cause of Death ICD10 ICD9
Infectious and parasitic disease A00-B99 001-139
MN stomach C16 151
MN colon, rectum, anus and anal canal C18, C19-C21 153, 154
MN larynx, trachea, bronchus and lung C32-C34 161, 162
MN female breast C50 174
MN prostate C61 185
Diabetes mellitus E10-E14 250
Dementias F00-F99 excluded F11-F16, F19 290-319 excluded 304, 305 (.2-.9)
Ischemic heart disease I20-I25 410-414
Cerebrovascular disease I60-I69 430-434, 436-438
Chronic liver disease K70, K73, K74 571
Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings R00-R99 excluded R75 780-799
Transport injuries V01-V99 E800-E049
Suicide and intentional self-harm X60-X84 E950-E959
  1. Note: To access information about the codes correspondence you can see, for ICD9,, and for ICD10,