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Table 2 Eligibility criteria for all retrieved articles

From: A systematic review of barriers to optimal outpatient specialist services for individuals with prevalent chronic diseases: what are the unique and common barriers experienced by patients in high income countries?

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
1. Quantitative or mixed methods study design 1. Qualitative study design, editorial letters, opinion articles or teaching documents
2. Adult patient, health service professionals or support persons are sampled 2. Paediatric samples (less than 18 years of age)
3. Study setting is an outpatient specialist service 3a. Participants are recruited from outpatient settings, but barriers to other care settings are assessed
3b. Palliative, emergency or in-patient services only
3c. Non specialist services only (such as primary care practices)
4. Study must clearly specify one or more of diseases of interest are included in the study sample. 4. Acute or other chronic diseases not listed as diseases of interest
5. A barrier to optimal outpatient care is measured 5. No barrier is measured (eg. treatment efficacy, diagnostic protocol, symptom or disease prevalence)
6. High income OECD countriesa 6. All middle or low income non-OECD countries
7. Full text articles published in English 7. Conference proceedings, unavailable full text articles or article not published in English
  1. aDefined by the World Bank based on 2011 Gross National Income per capita [24]